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A tiny person with a bouncy butt tells a very long joke. Control the crank of the Playdate to not make him fall.

🌳 For every $ 0.99 earned, I will plant one tree via https://a.plant-for-the-planet.org. (= If someone pays more, I will plant more)

Music by Lorraine Bowen

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Tags1-bit, Casual, Comedy, Difficult, Funny, joke, Playdate, Short, weird


Buy Now
On Sale!
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$1.00 $0.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $0.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

A Joke Thats Worth 099.pdx.zip 11 MB


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Minor bug, on the Playdate the curly-quote character in the name doesn't render correctly.

The game is fun, frustrating in the best way, and very fluid to play. It makes a good demo to show the crank to people, very easy to just pick up and play with no explanation.

The joke is fun until the punch line, but, and maybe I'm just not getting it, I didn't find the punch line to be funny. I was expecting a groan-inducing pun, or a dad-joke level joke, which with that build up would have been hilarious, but it was just... boring? Again, maybe I just didn't get it.

I don‘t regret spending my money on this - it‘s a playdate classic! Very fun though I didn‘t get too far by now…

This game is a little tough, but it's so worth it!  Fun and execution of the crank is perfect.  


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Another great PlayDate game that makes me laugh and smile -- this is a Top 5 sideloaded game you can have as a PlayDate owner and it's well worth the 99 cents!  IMO it's worth 5 dollars and the trees also getting planted are a nice touch. 




Just updated my playdate and the game seems to be working without issues now! :D


Same here!


Hey all, for those waiting for a fix to the crash:
I asked around and it seems to be an audio loading issue specific to the audio format used for the slapping sound when the player hits the crank, which is why it crashes when that happens. The next playdate OS version should probably fix it, so we'll all be sitting tight till then. I bought this when I got my playdate and still haven't finished the joke so I know I'm gonna be counting the days till a new patch comes ;-;


Hello. Your game has been crashing since Playdate released the new OS update several days ago.


really excited to try this but as others have noted it crashes immediately on latest firmware (1.12.1)

PlayDate is releasing 1.12.2 firmware today. Hopfully this fixes all current issues with games.

cool ty for heads up! I’m having same issue, game crashes as soon as the little dude lands on the crank



Hmmm where did you hear there was supposed to be a 1.12.2 firmware update? It came and went with no update :(

On Twitter from panic employees. Unfortunately we are all still waiting.




The new firmware update is out. It fixes the game issues


Crashes almost immediately... Please update


Crashes for me as well with the newest Playdate update.

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No longer works on latest PlayDate firmware (1.12.1). It crashes my PlayDate when gameplay is about to start. Please update.


I came here to buy the game but I guess I should hold off for a fix.

new update coming out for the playdate that might fix issues


Crashes almost immediately. Can't wait to play this once it's fixed.


Same here!


One of the best gimmick games I’ve ever played. Regrettably the latest system update causes this game to crash the first or second bounce. It’s well worth the money once this problem is fixed.

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Hi! Just tried this and it crashed very, very often (wasn't able to bounce the guy more than twice before a crash). Looks cute but it was unplayable for me :(

Working now with Playdate OS version 1.12.2! :D

This is a great game and it comes with a great song that makes me smile and dance a little 



This.....is the height of comedy. Congratulations.

Even though I have not completed the game, and even with a bouncy butt, I can say that this really is worth 0.99$. 

Even though I haven't heard the full joke yet, I can say it's easily worth $0.99.

Great game to show off to friends.

the game is really great but when you hit the little guy with the end of the crank it results in some buggy behavior 

in love with this game

Oh my god I'm dying this is hilarious.

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the latest Playdate system update broke this game btw. The crank always starts out of position now :(

edit: It randomly fixed itself! Not sure why, but now it loads with the correct orientation.

when this happens just restart the game with the crank in the docked position


So far, I haven't heard the entire joke.  But the game is definitely worth the $0.99, one day I'll find out if the joke is!


Thanks for this fun experience!

A minor thing that I noticed and you are probably already aware of: there’s an encoding issue with the apostrophe in the games list (Settings > Games).

Very fun and very hard. Thanks Kamibox!

Easily addictive and fun. I love that bouncing butt that I have dropped so many many times already. Play alone or with headphones, though, otherwise someone else may get knife thoughts.

I just bought this and I am getting the same buildNumber error. Please fix. I tried editing the pdx info file and still no luck

PlayDate web sideloading was having an issue yesterday. It was on Panic's end and happening with all games. If you delete the game and upload it again, it should work now.

Thank you, I tried today and it's working now!

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trying to sideload using the simulator bc drag and drop doesnt work. it says its made using an old sdk version and will not open.

update: it was an issue with the side loading website on Panic’s end. Should work fine now!

Sorry for that, could you try deleting and uploading it again?

I did. It was an error on Panic’s end with their side loading webpage. It uploaded now!


When I tried to upload the .pdx.zip file to https://play.date/account/sideload/, I get this error:

The buildNumber field is missing from pdxinfo.

Can a new version be uploaded with this missing field?

I just bought this game and had the same error. I was able to get it to work by going into the "pdxinfo" file with notepad (while still in the zip file) and adding the below lines under "buildtime"


Game is running for me now in the console. Hope this helps until an official fix.

Dang, I’m on my phone buying this… Guess I’ll have to wait until later.

Probably was an SDK update late, day 1 OS patch or whatnot.

I just tried this and when I launch the game it gives me the following error:

main . lua : 162 : attempt to index a nil value (field 'images') 

stack traceback : 

     main . lua: 162 in main chunk

I have no idea how to fix this error

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Probably uninstall and reinstall? Wish I had better information for you.

I am adding a screenshot of my "pdxinfo" file for reference. Maybe I was just lucky and that it worked for me.

I'm also getting this error after adding the lines to my pdxinfo file.

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Ugh. Sorry. I might be doing more harm than good. I had hoped my solution would work for everyone else. Might delete my suggestion then.

It should be working again, could you try deleting and uploding it again?


Can we get an option to sync the subtitles with the narrator? If I collect a star before the narrator finishes a fragment, the text moves on while the narrator is still reading a previous fragment. (I think a previous update prevented the narrator from skipping. Thanks for that too :) )

I didn’t want to interrupt the narrator and make it sound like a fluent joke. It’s not that important to hear every line, the joke works just as fine if some lines are being skipped 🙂

In case I wasn't clear, I agree the narrator shouldn't be interrupted (and I think the audio doesn't skip in the current version)


After giving the PlayDaters such an impecable game like this,should we expect another project??


Nothing planned yet, but I really liked developing for Playdate. Maybe some day 🙂


I have never hated and adored a game as much as this. Struggling to beat it on the Simulator but I'll have to wait for my actual playdate to arrive later this year. Good stuff!

Wonderfully designed and worth every penny

Can I ask who is the female voice over actress? Didn't find any credits

It‘s Lorraine Bowen, the same lady that wrote and sang the song.

Thanks! She's outstanding!

awesome game. very polished. I like how the crank obscures the bouncy person, attention to details.

This is the game you show people when you say 'hey check out my new Playdate!'

Wario64 sent me, unique game + tree for a dollar? Yeahhhhhh!

been so excited for this!! congratz on the release!

Thank you!

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